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We started L’Anse in 2018, naming it with the French word for ‘cove’ or ‘bay’, given our new home was a stone's throw away from the beautiful Tumby Bay.


My wife Grace and I wanted to bring accessible fine dining, delicious coffee and French style pastries to the Eyre Peninsula. I must admit, we didn’t expect the amazing response we received!


In my previous life I worked as a fine dining chef at home in France, learning my craft from Michilin star chefs at several luxury restaurants, providing the highest level of gastronomic experiences.

Fast forward to 2022 and we moved to our new location in Port Lincoln, a larger town where we are able to secure the staff we need to keep our high standards of service.


Here we have the space to produce our range of hand made French pastries as well as produce the intricate dishes we’ve become known for. We receive so many questions about our pastries that we’ve built a glass wall between the restaurant and pastry kitchen so guests can see how we make them.


I welcome you to L’Anse.

Marvin Lattrez

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Our Coffee

It took us a long time to finalise the coffee we serve our customers. Today we proudly work closely with local coffee roaster Boston Bean to create our own unique coffee blend. 

Boston Bean only source ethical and sustainable beans from top regions worldwide and roast weekly here in Port Lincoln.

Our special blend means we can serve a consistent flavour profile throughout the year, so your next cup will taste the same as your last one.

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